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60-year-old Man Exhumes His Sister-in-law’s Body Buried 12 Years Ago, Dumps The Remains at the Door of His Ex-Wife

Police in Migori are pursuing a 60-year-old man for exhuming the body of his sister-in-law buried 12 years ago.

The man separated with his wife Monica Adhiambo 3 years ago over family wrangles.

According to the details, the late Joan Apondi was hurried in the 60 year old man’s land.

Speaking at Ramogi FM on Thursday, Monica Adhiambo who lives in the rental house at Kari trading centre in Dubai East sub-county said that the suspect dropped the exhumed remains in front of her house that were inside a sack.

Adhiambo said that she was aware that her ex-husband had planned to bring the remains of her sister because she had visited her earlier, where she threatened her for declining to reconcile with him.

Adhiambo said that her sister was not  married at the man’s  home agreed with in-laws to burry her at the man’s land.

The deceased’s mother Mrs Susan Otieno said she is waiting for the direction from the police adding that she is willing to bury the remains of her daughter in her own land.

Kakaro North  sub location Assistant chief Mr.Joel Amwenya said the matter is now under investigation.

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