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Approved Monthly Salary For Intern Primary School Teachers in 2023


Teachers Service Commission has employed tutors in a bid of bridging the gap of shortage of teachers across the country.


The commission announced new vacancies adding up to 30,550 to fill the gap of shortage of teachers.



However, among the Advertised Vacancies, Primary School and junior Secondary School were only regarded.Slots for Primary School were both for permanent and pensionable with internship as for Junior Secondary respectively.



However, the government advertised high slots for junior Secondary School in a bid of getting teachers to teach grade 7.


All learners who sat for grade six examination will successfully transit to grade 7 in Junior Secondary School as per the directive from the Ministry of Education.



Junior Secondary School will be domiciled in primary school as directed by the ministry of education due to lack of enough resources to set up separate junior Secondary School.


However, according to payment structure of Teachers Service Commission, Intern Primary School Teachers will pocket Ksh 15,000 monthly. This is an increase from the initial monthly Stipend of Ksh 10,000 following the changes by TSC.


The newly recruited intern primary school teachers will have to submit their bank details to TSC sub-county Director with other relevant documents to fill the employment letter.



The government assured to work in close proximity with the ministry of education to ensure that disbursement of funds is done in time in a bid of smoothening the education process in the country.



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