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Delocalized Teachers To Be Transferred Back to Their Home Counties by January 2023

Delocalized Teachers have a reason to smile following a major move by Teachers Service Commission to Transfer back delocalized Teachers to their home counties.

Teachers Service Commission will issue a new policy on Recruitment and deployment of new teachers after the current one was quashed by Members of the National Assembly.

In the motion that was presented by Lurambi MP Titus Kamala, the move to revive teachers’ recruitment policy to devolve it to zonal level was initiated.

The motion seek to receive teachers’ Recruitment policy to devolve it to zonal level at the point of recruitment.This means that Teachers Service Commission, TSC will have to transfer the teacher in the school within the zone they are.


However, the current transfer policy of teachers makes it hard for delocalized Teachers to return back to their home counties as one has to work for 3 years in North Eastern region and 5 years in other regions before seeking a transfer.


On the same note basing on the current transfer policy of teachers, the teacher must have a partner to swap which is hectic as teachers fumble to get one.


Teachers Union, Kuppet and Knut engaged Teachers Service Commission, TSC on delocalization policy, to allow teachers who were delocalized in 2017 to be back to their home counties.


The exercise of transferring delocalized Teachers will take shape by next year 2023 before the opening of new academic term.

However, TSC will start with 6,078 Head teachers and principals who were delocalized in 2018. The delocalization of school heads to be revived unconditionally.


Kuppet General Secretary Akello Misori said, as part of an agreement with Teachers Service Commission, Teachers who were delocalized in the regions they did not apply for will be reverted to their preferred regions.


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