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Details Emerge on How Parents Are Killing Schools, Leading to Poor KCPE/KCSE Performance


According to the details, parents can either participate towards the success of a school or it’s failure.

In the subsequent previous years, parents and other education stakeholders have been demonstrating, complaining of poor performance in some schools. The parents complain on the administration of the school, seeking for changes to be initiated.



However, a major concern has emerged on how parents can easily lead to killing of a school, leading to poor performance.



In a situation where students have failed in examination, all blame goes to teachers alone, despising other educational stakeholders who might have as well participated in the failure of students.


According to details, during meetings, parents have been known to backbite the principal in vernacular, taking the relationship between the school and local community to an all time low.



In a bid for a school to record good performance, the relationship between the administration, management and parents from the local community should be of High degree.


In a situation where the local community attempt to take control of the school while backbiting the school head, performance tends to diminish due to unfavorable working environment school administration.


In school meetings, parents have been known to have the tendency of backbiting the principal in vernacular thus distrusting the relationship between the school and the local community.


The development projects that have initiated by school administration tend to face an objection from parents, a move that alters the school’s progress thus causing a great negative impact to school’s academic performance.

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