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DOWNLOAD; TSC Teachers Next-of-Kin Form; The Following Details Are Required

TSC Teacher’s Next-of-Kin will automatically assume the role of legal personal representative of the Teacher.



The Relationship with TSC Teacher as Next-of-Kin means; Husband/Wife/Son/Daughter/Father/Mother etc.



According to TSC rules, any change on teacher’s next-of-kin records should be communicated immediately by the Teacher to Teachers Service Commission.



Details Required in TSC Teacher Next-of-Kin Form


The following details are required when filling TSC Teacher Next-of-Kin Form.


✓Name of the Teacher
✓TSC Number
✓Identification Number (ID NUMBER)

✓Date of First Appointment of the Teacher as I) Untrained Teacher (UT)
Ii) Trained Teacher (P/P)
✓Permanent Address of the Teacher
✓Home District of The Teacher

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There’s Declaration part where the Teacher is required to Write his/her Name with ID Number.


The Other step requires the teacher to fill the Names of The Next-of-Kin. In the table, the Teacher is required to indicate the following details of the Next-of-Kin;


✓Relationship e.g husband/wife/daughter/mother etc.
✓Contact address/Phone number of the Next-of-Kin.

The Teacher is as well required to fill The following details of Dependants that include;


✓Name of Dependant
✓Relationship e.g Parent/wife/husband/son/daughter etc
✓Contact Address/Phone Number of the Dependant



After filling the above details, the Teacher is required to append the signature, indicating the date followed with the Name and Address of Area Chief.



Then lastly, the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher or Witness to indicate his/her name, Address, Signature with the date and Official Stamp.

Teachers Next-of-Kin Form DOWNLOAD




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