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ECDE Teachers to Lose Almost Half of Their Pay in New Salary Review

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It’s a major shocker to Early Childhood Development Education, ECDE teachers following the impact of new salary review.


Salary Remuneration Commission will Slash Teachers pay in the new grading and structure pay for teachers.


The new grading and structure by Salaries Remuneration Commission will cut almost teachers across all job group Sh 7,383 to Sh 10,803 of the teacher’s pay.


Early Childhood Development Education teachers have faced a major shocker as the new salary review will Slash almost half of their pay.


The county government had absorbed ECDE teachers in the new move of devolved Government.

Union of Teachers are now seeking the head of state, President William Ruto to chip in and rescind the cuts that will burden teachers.


In the fresh decry, Teachers said that already the pay is low and if cut will burden them in this tough economic State.



Salary Remuneration Commission has been blamed by teachers in it’s bid to cut teachers’ salary in the new salary review.


The new grading and structure by Salaries Remuneration Commission will cut certain amount of Teacher’s pay basing on Job group of a teacher.


The slash will cut across all job group of teachers as per details issued by Salaries Remuneration Commission.

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