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Finally Baby Sagini Testifies in Court, Says His Grandmother Gouged Out His Eyes Using Her Hands


The three year old Baby Sagini whose eyes were gouged out has finally testified in court, revealing who did the beastly act.



Baby Junior Sagini a 3 Year-old minor was gouged out his eyes in December 2 last year in Kisii County.



The minor revealed during the cross-examination at Kisii law courts on Friday that his grandmother Rael Nyakerario gouged out his eyes and dumped him at a maize plantation.



The three suspects Alex Ochogo, Rael Nyakerario and  Pacificah Nyakerario were on 13 December 2022 accused for gouging out Baby Sagini’s eyes at Ikuruma Village, Kitutu Chache North Constituency.



The trio were charged on 18 January with attempted murder which later changed to causing grievous bodly harm according to section 4 of penal code after prosecutor Hillary Kaino made application to the court to amend the charges.



Baby Sagini Testified before Kisii law court, accusing his grandmother Real Nyakerario for gouging out his eyes and dumped him at the maize plantation.



“Ni Nyakerario shosho ndiye alinipiga kichwa hapa alafu akanitoa macho…” said Baby Sagini.



Sagini’s sister told the court in 13 December 2022 that they went to fetch water as usual but Sagini did not turn up since he has lost his jerrican.

She explained how they went on with their daily chores , but on the following day someone told grandmother that Baby Sagini was found dumped in a maize plantation.




Baby Sagini was crossly examined at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital. According to medical officer, Baby Sagini had scratches, an indication that he was attacked by more than one person.


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