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Finally Raila Odinga’s Close Ally Speaks The Truth, Reveals Who Won 2022 Election, Sends Bad News to Raila


The debate on who won the 2022 general election has taken a different shape following the tight contention between Raila Odinga of Azimio la Umoja and William Ruto of Kenya Kwanza.


Addressing during an interdenominational church service that was attended by President William Ruto in Kisii, Governor Sumba Atari of Kisii county allied to Raila Odinga has spilled the beans on 2022 presidential election.


Governor Simba Atari is a close ally to Azimio la Umoja chief Leader Raila Odinga who has been expressing his royalty to Raila Odinga for a long period of time.


However, Simba Atati has spoken the truth, revealing that President William Ruto won the 2022 presidential election against Raila Odinga. This is bad news to Raila Odinga who has been claiming that his 2022 presidential victory was stolen by the incumbent President William Ruto who was his major competitor.


However, Atati has asked Kenya Kwanza government to respect Raila as he’s the senior citizen in the country, advising Kenya Kwanza government to conjoin with Azimio la Umoja for a dialogue

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