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Five Major Factors That TSC Will Consider in Accepting Teachers’ Transfer Request

Teachers who were affected by delocalization policy got a relief as Teachers Service Commission, TSC began the process of working out on transfer request.


This comes following the legislative act to abolish delocalization policy in education sector was passed in Parliament where a tutor can only be transferred within the zone he or she is working.



However, Teachers Service Commission do consider a number of factors in dealing with transfer request among teachers. The following are five major factors that TSC consider in teachers’ transfer request.


1. AGE

Teachers with the age of 50 years and above stands at a high change for acceptance of transfer request. Delocalized Teachers in the age bracket of 50 years and above  are likely to be school heads will be considered.


Around 6078 school heads were affected with Delocalization Policy who were transferred away from home counties in 2018.




Another factor in consideration by Teachers Service Commission is the health status of the teacher seeking transfer request. Some teachers battle with diseases that require medication.


This can be achieved when a teacher is around his or her home county for proper management of the health problems.

Teachers with medical letter showing a certain medical problem will be considered in transfer request.



Teachers who are physically challenged will stand at the high change of getting transferred to home county.


Teachers with disability are prioritized by Teachers Service Commission, TSC in it’s operation. A letter showing a disability of a teacher is presented before teachers Service Commission for consideration.



Family consideration is another factor that can determine the transfer of a teacher to home county.


There comes a situation that needs a teacher to be near to his or her family, a move that may compel a teacher to be within the home county.



Some teachers have stayed in one working station or zone for long since the time of appointment. Teachers Service Commission will consider the length one has stayed in a particular place since the first appointment.


Five Major Factors That TSC Will Consider in Accepting Teachers’ Transfer Request

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