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Free Mobile HELB Loan Application; How To Apply For Mobile HELB Subsequent Loan For Free

Higher Education Loans Board is committed in a bid to boosting higher education through financial support.

The higher education board was purposely established to finance poor students who cannot afford funds to further their higher education.

However, Higher education loans board has send good news to applicants who would wish to apply for the subsequent loan to further their learning.

According to HELB, one can apply for HELB Loan using mobile phone for free. It’s crucial to note that help application loan is for free as there are no any charges upon application.

In order to apply mobile HELB Loan for free, using Safaricom number, dial *642# and follow the stipulated instructions for application.

The application is for free and doesn’t guarantee any charges upon application.

“Do you have a dream? We shall meet you where you are at. You don’t need a smartphone or an Android to apply for a HELB Loan, simply dial *642# on your mobile device to apply for the subsequent loan,” statement by Higher education loans board reads

However, it’s on note that the provision of loan by helb is later repaid with an interest upon the completion of period of study.

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