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Good News and Relief to All Teachers Countrywide as MPs Passes New Law Stopping Arbitrary Transfer

Teachers have a reason to smile as Legislators have taken a major action on arbitrary transfer of teachers.

The complaints from teachers have been tabled on arbitrary transfer with no genune base behind the transfers.

This comes as President William Ruto’s government of Kenya Kwanza promised to end delocalization of teachers as major a relief to teachers.

However, it’s a major relief and Good News to teachers following the major action by Members of National Assembly in passing a law stopping arbitrary transfer of teachers across the country.

It has been established following the new law that no any teacher should be subjected in any transfer without a genuine and logic reason behind.

President William Ruto’s government of Kenya Kwanza promised Teachers to cater for their welfare in a bid to up education standards in the country.

Kenya Kwanza government vowed to work in close proximity with the ministry of education and teachers union to cater for teachers’ interests and their wellbeing.

This comes as the government appointed the Education taskforce team to review the new curriculum of competency based Curriculum that’s facing an objection from majority of Kenyans.

Competency based Curriculum , CBC is under review on either to be Scrapped off or modified.

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