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Good News as TSC Set to Move 26,000 Teachers to New Salary Scale by June 2023


Teachers Service Commission has announced to move 26,000 teachers to the new salary scale in the new promotion by june 2023.



According to Teachers Service Commission, 11, 258 will Earn common cadre promotions, 13, 717 to earn competitive promotions, while 1021 to earn promotions in Affirmative action in Asal, Hard to Staff Areas.




Teachers Service Commission had requested Ksh 2.17 billions for completive promotion of teachers in the fiscal year 2023/2024 which will start in June 1, 2023.




The estimate budget as well entails Ksh 600 million to promote a total of 4,595 primary teachers from grade C1 to C2.



On the other hand, the commission also revealed that it had identified a total of 7,282 serving primary school teachers with requisite qualifications to be deployed to Junior Secondary School (JSS).



More mapping to identify eligible primary school teachers to serve in Junior Secondary School is ongoing to address the shortages, with the qualifications being possession of either a Diploma in Education or a Bachelor’s Degree in Education,



At least a C+ mean grade in KCSE or its equivalent is required and at least a C+ in two teaching subjects, and at least 8 units in each of the two teaching subjects.



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