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Government Bans Morning & Evening Preps as Details Emerge How They Affect Students


The ministry of education has banned morning and evening studies citing that Teachers overburden students leaving them with no time to rest.



Speaking, Education Cabinet secretary Ezekiel Machogu warned schools against requiring students to attend classes before dawn or leaf school after dusk.




The Cabinet secretary said that Classes should commence at 8.00 am in the Morning and end at 3.45 pm in the Evening.


CS Machogu has warned to take a stern action against schools ferrying students home as late as 10.00 pm.


Machogu cited an example of students waking up as early as 4.00 am in the morning to attend remedials.


In response to the ministry of education following the ban of Morning and Evening classes, Kenya Primary Heads Association (KEPSHA) called the ministry of education to address the shortage of teachers in public primary school.



In addressing on morning and evening studies, Education CS Ezekiel Machogu said that the studies overburden students leaving them with no time to rest.


Machogu had warned School Headteachers Against sending Junior Secondary School students home over fees areas and school uniform.





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