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Government Sends a Shocker to Majority of Youths TVET Graduates in The Country


The government has broken silence, revealing bad news regarding youths who have graduated from TVET Institutions in the country.


Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET) was basically established to offer technical courses to students.



However, According to Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET) principal Secretary Esther Muoria, most of TVET Graduates lack work-related skills.



Speaking, PS of TVET Esther Muoria, Most TVET Graduates in the country lack work-related skills, indicating that majority of Kenyans youths graduating from TVET Institutions around the country have no skills to do work related to their area of expertise.



Muoria added that the TVET Graduates are not exhibiting the necessary skills acquired in TVET Institutions despite of graduating.



However, the government of Kenya Kwanza said to establish more Technical Vocational and Education Training institutions to admit more youths into Technical courses.



Speaking, the head of state President William Ruto said that the government will channel resources to Technical Vocational and Education Training institutions in a bid to uplifting them.


The ministry of education advised those students who did not make to university to apply for TVET Institutions as the government affirmed to support Them.

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