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Green Card Results: How To Check DV Lottery Status; Forgot Confirmation Number? How to Get The Confirmation Number Easily

Details indicates that at least 30 million Kenyans applied for Green Card Lottery in November 2022.

The so many applicants are eager to know the results on whether the selection has favoured them.

The United States (US) Department of state electronic diversity visa entrant status check for DV-2024 applications is available until September 30, 2024.

The entrance status check will remain open until September 30 2023.

How To Check DV Lottery Status Online; How To Check Green Card Results

We shall focus on the guideline in checking US DV Lottery Status 2024.

According to the US State Department, DV Lottery Status confirmation is ongoing effective Saturday 6th May 2023.

To verify on status check one must have the following information

Information Required to Check Green Card DV Lottery Status.

  1. Entrance Confirmation Number
  2. Last/Family Name
  3. Year of Birth
  4. Authentication ( You insert the provided security feature to submit the details for verification.

Based on the information provided the entry HAS BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the electronic Diversity visa program at this time, means that you have been selected.

Basically, “HAS BEEN SELECTED” is the key statement that validates your selection.

Green Card Result Out; Check DV Lottery Status Here

Forgot Confirmation Number? How to Get The Confirmation Number

In the case you forgot the confirmation number, we shall focus on the steps to be followed for easy retrieve of confirmation number by providing relevant information provided during DV Lottery application.

Details Required to Get Forgotten Confirmation Number for DV Lottery Status Check

  1. Diversity Visa Program Year: Select the Diversity Visa Program Year.
  2. Name; Provide the primary entrant name exactly as entered on electronic Diversity Visa entry form, Including punctuation
  • Last/Family Name
  • First Name
    -Middle Name
  • 3. Date of Birth

4. Email as Used on electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form.

5. Authentication – Insert the security feature provided then submit to get the Confirmation Number via Email.

Forgot DV Lottery Confirmation Number, Get it Here

Link To Check DV Lottery Status Online

Check Green Card Results Here

Link To Get The Lost DV Lottery Confirmation Number

Get The Lost or Forgotten Confirmation Number Here

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