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How Betting Has Ruined The Lives of University Students


Gambling has been a major hit to university students in their bid to try out their luck. Students use university fees in gambling as the anticipated luck takes a new twist.


A student bets his College fees and has neglected studies. His classmates have graduated into a new chapter in life outside college which is alarmingly dies not bother him because he believes in the power of betting.


Varsity students engaging in gambling have faced a steep hill in their studies as they use their precious time and money in betting.



Students use university fees to try out the luck that ultimately turns domicile. However, most of them despite of losing the bet, consistently and Persistently moves on with great hope of winning some other time.


The power of betting as perceived by university comrades has ruined their life, thinking that luck will land at a time.


“Never Give Up” is the new mantra among university comrades who believe in the power of betting, thus ending up spending the total fees set to studies in the institution.


Due to Fees arrears, some versity students have been Compelled to step out of school and not graduating with other colleagues of the same class.


Most students have ended up engaging in crime activities in a bid of earning a living.


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