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How To Easily Check Whether Your Partner is Cheating You in WhatsApp

Relationships nowadays have taken a different twist following the cheating cases among partners.



It’s sometimes hard to find out whether your partner is cheating you if you haven’t found any evidence.



One partner might be cheating the other by engaging in a relationship with the opposite gender Secretly without the knowledge of his/her partner.




However, it’s easy to caught your cheating partner in WhatsApp. One can easily trace the conversation of his/her partner with the side chick through WhatsApp messages.




However, In a bid to maintain privacy, the cheating partner can encrypt Whatsapp conversation with the password thus impossible for access.



Once you access your cheating partner’s phone, go to Whatsapp and type the sweets words that your partner will be obviously calling the side chick. Some of this words like babe, sweetheart, honey among others are the most common ones that partner use to call each other.



After typing these words at Whatsapp chats in the messages, these words will appear then you can easily Click the conversation and check out the side chicks your partner is playing you with.

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