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Husband Killed His 31-year-old Wife After Opposed His Decision to Marry a Second Wife in Kakamega

Incidents of Couples Killing each other in uncompromising state has upsurged in current time.

Residents in Shipalo village in Malava, Kakamega county are in deep pain after a man killed a 31-year-old wife for allegedly opposing his decision to marry a second wife.

It has been established that Wife Faith Nanzala barred the decision by her husband Jonathan Shikulu to marry a second wife, a disagreement that created tension among the duo.

It’s reportedly that on Sunday 9th, the confrontation escalated and man started battering his wife till her demise.

Residents in Shipalo village told Chipuko Digital Media that late Faith Nanzala’s mother-in-law was throwing unprinted insults to Nanzala, encouraging her son Shikulu to confront the wife.

However, further reports indicates that after Jonathan Shikulu realized that his wife Faith Nanzala has died, he placed her on chair, told the family that she had taken her life.

The body of the deceased Faith Nanzala was taken to Webuye Morgue for pending investigation.

However, the first suspect Jonathan Shikulu is locked at Malava police station as investigation set to be launched.

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