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‘I am Free to Marry Whoever I Want Including a Tree!’ Akothee Confirms the Divorce with The Father of Her Daughters, Jared Okello

In Summary;

  • Akothee confirmed that her marriage to the father of her three daughters was officially dissolved on May 22, 2011 after a divorce case was filed in 2007.
  • She made it clear to those who warn her against remarrying that she is a free woman with no relation to her previous marriage.

She attached the message to a photo that showed her and her family on their wedding day that took place two decades ago.The mother of five showed the divorce certificate from the Supreme Court and noted that her marriage was dissolved.

Akothee, her ex-husband Jared Okello and their family on their wedding day in 2002; PHOTO

She made it clear to those who warn her against remarrying that she is a free woman with no ties to her previous marriage.

“Both parties are free to marry whomever they want including a tree. And your opinion will not hold any,” Akothee said

Akothee and her current boyfriend Mr Shweizer: PHOTO


However, she gave a warning to divorced people who do not have divorce certificates against remarrying.

The singer has been heavily criticized after hinting at marriage plans with her new boyfriend, Mr Shweizer. Akothee revealed her relationship with the white man last month, months after she broke up with Nelly Oaks.

Last month the 42-year-old artist announced that she felt like her life was over after meeting Shweizer and said she was ready to settle down in marriage with him and be a submissive wife.

“I didn’t know my village could be Paradise. The king was missing. Now I can say my life is complete and I’m ready to settle down, I’m ready to be a submissive wife,” Akothee said In recent days, she has been hinting about tying the knot with the white guy.

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