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“Jesus of Tongaren” Reveals The Month He Should Be Crucified, Says When to Celebrate Easter


As Christians commemorate Easter to mark the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Self-proclaimed Jesus of Tongaren has dismissed April Easter.



Jesus of Tongaren has said that he wouldn’t want ot celebrate April Easter, alleging that it should be celebrated in April and not July.



According to “Jesus of Tongaren” April is a month characterised by killing according to his interpretation of the scriptures, indicating that Easter should be celebrated in July and not April.



“Biblically, April is a month characterised by killing. I wouldn’t want to celebrate Easter on such a month. My interpretation of the scripture says Easter should be celebrated in July, and not April.”



Self-proclaimed ‘Jesus of Tongaren’ says he is not worried about being crucified this Easter.



Social media has been abuzz with news of the 42-year-old Eliud Wekesa’s impending ‘crucifixion’ as Christians the world over mark the important season that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.



“Jesus of Tongaren” narrated how some people came to his homestead carrying hammer and six-inch nails saying that he should be crucified.



“I heard some people saying I should be crucified, just like Jesus Christ. Some of them even came to my homestead carrying a hammer and six-inch nails,” Wekesa is quoted as saying. “I prayed and they had an immediate change of mind and went back.”



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