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KNEC Issues The Following Tough Rules to Invigilators, Supervisors and Security Personnel for KCPE Examination

The Kenya National Examination Council, KNEC has issued tough rule for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE that is set to officially kick off on Monday.


KCPE candidates concluded rehearsal on Friday, working on preparedness to face national examination.


The ministry of education exuded the assurance on dealing with examination irregularities, affirming that no examination cheating will be experienced as the exam is guarded.


Kenya National Examination Council, KNEC has issued a fresh rule to officials administering KCPE examinations, ruling out that they will bear a personal responsibility for any case of examination irregularities.



The rule has put the officials administering KCPE Examination; The supervisor, Invigilators and security personnel in warning, indicating that they will each sign a document indicating the time examination packets are opening.




Upon the end of examination paper, the supervisor, invigilator and security personnel should be there in person to witness the sealing of examination papers in the packet.


The examination process will take three days for grade six candidates and standard eight candidates respectfully.

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