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KNUT Boss Spills The Beans on Who Are Holding Teachers’ Transfer Letters

Move to seek the Release of the List of Successful Transferred Teachers in the country has stired a great tension among Teachers, as education officials on spot.


Mass transfer of delocalized teachers took effect following the legislative act by Parliament to end delocalization of teachers.


Teachers had complained on working far from home counties, a move that stimulated challenges among teachers including the separation from their families.



Teachers Service Commission had directed Delocalized Teachers who would wish to work in the preferred areas to fill the transfer request form.



TSC has already released the list of Transferred Teachers in some countries following the protest by Teachers. Delocalized Teachers who had filled the transfer request form are blaming the education officials for holding their transfer letters.



Spilling the beans, Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu has revealed those holding Teachers’s transfer letters, seeking for immediate action of releasing the transfer letters.


Oyuu said that TSC head office has send Teachers’ Transfer Letters to Regional offices where they have failed to release the letters to counties.



According to Collins Oyuu, it’s an indication that Directors of education in regions are holding transfer letters of Teachers, seeking to be told the reason as to why.



“Regional office has received letters from the head office TSC. Reason why they have not been distributed is a question we want answers,” KNUT Boss Collins Oyuu said


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