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List of 2023 Successful TSC Transferred Teachers and Their New Working Station to Be Issued on This Date

Delocalization Policy has reached it’s end following an initiative by Kenya Kwanza government to abolish delocalization policy in education sector.


This comes as Lurambi Member of Parliament Titus Kamala fronted a motion in the National Assembly, seeking teachers to be only transferred within the zone he or she is working.


Most of the teachers were uncomfortable with delocalization policy that had been introduced by the former immediate leadership. The teachers had to work far away from home county with conditions in any case of seeking a transfer.


However, teachers got a relief after a motion seeking to end delocalization policy was passed in Parliament. The teacher can only be transferred within the zone he or she is working.


Teachers Service Commission, TSC in line with teachers union began to work on teachers’ transfer request before the next academic year.


Kenya National Union of Teachers Knut said that that have already reached an agreement with Teachers Service Commission, TSC on teachers’ transfer request.


Kenya union of post primary teacher education, Kuppet said, it’s on the process of compiling the list of teachers seeking the transfer request.


However, according to Teachers Service Commission, the list of Successful TSC Transferred Teachers and their new working station will be out before schools reports in the next academic calendar, 2023.


Teachers who have been successfully transferred will be notified by Teachers Service Commission in the last dates of December before reopening of schools in January 2023.



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