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List of Most Profitable Business You Can Start in Kenya 2023

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This is a list of the most lucrative businesses in Kenya as of 2023. Kenya is a indigenous business capital in East Africa. It’s a state of endless chances for any aiming entrepreneur who seeks to set up a name in the competitive business .

The list of some of the most gainful businesses in Kenya.

List Of utmost lucrative Businesses In Kenya 2023.


1.  Car Wash

Have you ever wondered why car wash businesses are current in utmost neighbourhoods? Well, this a most lucrative business as long as you have a capacious yard and the mandatory tools similar as up-to-date washing machines and enough of water pool. The position of your car wash also matters. Ensure the car wash is in an readily accessible area.


2. Wines & Spirits

The wines & spirits business is really paying as long as you have the compulsory permits licenses. The position of your business also matters a most. Source for locations that will smoothly attract clients.


3.  Daycare Business

This is one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses in Kenya. There’s a raising demand for daycare services especially in most town and cities in Nairobi. You actually required to hold a profound attachment for kids to work out in this business. The secret to flourishing in this business is to offer eye- catching and accessible services that will attract implicit clients. You also required to do a lot of marketing to attract customers.


4. Hardware

This is a authentically good business that requires a some set amount of money. The business has good returns if flourishes.


5. Selling Second- hand Clothes( Mtumba)

This business requires small fund to kick off and generates gains fast. The clothes can be sourced from leading markets similar as Gikomba. To harvest more, bear in mind you’re genuine in pricing and specialise on clothes that target a particular people.


6. Taxi Business

Taxi business is relatively profitable especially if you have your own taxi or drive by yourself. It can also be a fine side hustle for those working in other place. There are many taxi- hailing apps where you can subscribe up and offer your services.


7. Furniture Business

The furniture business is mostly paying especially if you hold the passion and required expertise. What really matters is the position of your business and the products you produce. Specialise in producing good and quality items similar as seats, lounge sets and numerous other to attract clients.


8. Garbage Collection

This is a actually good business chance, especially in town and cities areas where there are poor waste disposal mechanisms. With the real marketing, you can get a many of customers, especially in household areas.


List of Most Profitable Business You Can Start in Kenya 2023

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