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List of TSC Advertised Promotion Posts, Number of Posts and How To Apply: DOWNLOAD LIST


Teachers service commission has called upon qualified interested applicants to submit their application for promotion posts in line with career progression guideline for Teachers.


In a notice issued by Teachers Service Commission(TSC), the positions of Chief Principal, Senior Principal, principal, Deputy Principal, senior Lecturer, senior master, secondary teacher I, Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and Senior Teacher were advertised for promotion.


Below is the list of advertised promotion posts by Teachers Service Commission.

1. Chief Principal (Regular Secondary School) T scale 15 – 34 posts

2.  Senior Principal (Regular Secondary School) T-Scale 14 – 108 posts.

3.  Principal (Regular Secondary School: T-Scale 13) 541 posts

4.  Deputy Principal II ( Regular Secondary School: T- Scale12) 547 posts.

5. Senior Lecturer I ( Teachers Training College: T-Scale 12) 72 Posts

6.  Deputy Principal III ( Regular Secondary School: T-Scale 11) 1057 posts.

7. Senior Master III (Regular School: T-Scale 10) 1142 posts.


8. Senior Lecturer IV (Teachers Training College: T-Scale 9) 216 posts.

9.  Senior Master IV ( Regular School: T-Scale 9) 12,716 posts.

10.  Secondary Teacher I( Regular School: T-Scale 8) 1928 posts.

11. Head Teacher (Regular Primary School: T-Scale 10) 1049 posts.

12. Head Teacher ( Special Needs Education: T-Scale 10) 30 posts.

13. Deputy Head Teacher II( Regular Primary School: T-Scale 9) 1930 posts.

14. Senior Teacher I ( Regular Primary School: T-Scale 8) 3040 posts.



15.  Senior Teacher I (Special Needs Education Primary School: T-Scale 8) 346 posts

16.  Senior Teacher II ( Regular Primary School: T-Scale 7) 10,819 posts.

17. Senior Teacher II (Special Needs Education Primary School: T-Scale 7) 700 Posts