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Man Brutally Killed by Mob After Found Havesting Someone’s Maize at Night in Rangenyo, Nyamira County


Police in Nyamira are investigating a case of man who was Brutally Killed by Mob justice at Rangenyo in Nyamira County.



The man who was suspected as the thief was found Havesting Someone’s Maize at Night in Rangenyo village, Nyamira County.



According to the reports gathered by Chipuko Digital, the suspected thief had set to sell the maize to maize rosters.





Residents of Rangenyo village told Chipuko Digital that their maize have been stolen by unknown people where they had reported the matter to the area chief.




Angry citizens brutally killed the suspected thief who was caught red handed Havesting Someone’s Maize in the farm.





Crime cases in the area has been on shoot according to the reports issued by area chief. Young people have been asked to engage in other work that will earn them a living later than stealing people’s properties.


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