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Man Found Dead After His Wife Declined to Be His Guarantor in Securing Kshs 2 Billion Loan in Karen, Nairobi

Police in Nairobi are investigating a mysterious dead of businessman who was found dead at Karen home in Nairobi, Monday morning.

According to the reports by police Mr Francis Kiambi Kiriro’s death was reported by his wife Mary Waigwe Muthoni.

According to the reports, late Francis Kiambi returned home with his wife Mary Waigwe at midnight after spending time at entertainment.

The couples reportedly had Domestic differences, as the wife declined to be her husband’s guarantor in Securing Kshs 2 Billion Loan to open a business.

After the disagreement, the couples reportedly  slept in different rooms where the wife found her husband Francis Kiambi dead with vomit on his bedside.

“They each spent the night in different rooms and the deceased never woke up since then, but could be heard snoring throughout the day and night and had vomited in his bedroom. It was until today at around 0600hrs when she went to check on the deceased and she found him lying dead on his bed with some vomits beside the bed,” reads the police report.

“They called a doctor from the Karen hospital who confirmed the death at around 0902 hrs.”

The body of the deceased was taken to Lee Mortuary as police are investigating on what might have transpired to the mysterious death.

Police are investigating on the

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