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Man Kneels Before Education CS Ezekiel Machogu to Get TSC Appointment Letter


There was a brief drama during the funeral of the late Nyamaiya Ward MCA Hon Elijah Osiemo at Getaari Secondary School, West Mugirango Constituency in Nyamira county while Education CS Ezekiel Machogu was addressing mourners on Monday 21, August 2023.


A middle-aged man bravely walked up to the podium to talk with education CS Ezekiel Machogu after he had offered a job to one the bereaved family member and announced there was other position for the local.


No sooner CS Ezekiel Machogu made the announcement, the man rushed to the podium, braving all the security guards and rushed straight to kneel while raising up his hands as a sign of surrender.


Immediately CS Machogu handed him TSC appointment letter and the man was seen showing it off to the crowd as he received it.


Machogu remarked that the man has fought for himself in a proper way.


“Kijana si amejipigania? Si amejipigania kwa nia mzuri?” Machogu asked the crowd as he received jeers and claps.


This is loosely translated to: “Hasn’t the young man fought for himself? Isn’t that a good fight?”


However, Machogu added that the government has issued funds to the ministry of education thus asking parents not to be stressed up in preparing the students to join universities as the government has set free scholarship for students joining universities.


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