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“Mbona Unaniaibisha? Lady Slaps Her Boyfriend For Proposing To Her in Church, Says They Have Only Dated For 3 Months; VIDEO


Shed-shocked lady has slapped her boyfriend in public for presenting a marriage proposal in Church.



The lady has caused stir online after rejecting her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, slapping boyfriend for Allegedly embarrassing her.



According to the video clip, the lady was celebrating her birthday in church and while holding a cake, the boyfriend was seen kneeling down on one leg backward.



When the lady turned around, she saw her boyfriend on one knee down holding a marriage proposal ring.


The lady was seen shed-shocked as they cloud shouted to the lady to hurriedly say “Yes”


Instead the lady forced her boyfriend to get up, presenting a series of slaps to him and dumped the cake she hold on him.


The lady said it’s an embarrassment, accusing her boyfriend for embarrassing her in public and in his birthday celebration.



“Why are you Embarrassing Me?” The lady told his boyfriend before severally slapping him.


The lady told the people gathered around that she didn’t want the marriage proposal as they have only dated for 3 months.


The lady took the proposal by her boyfriend as an embarrassment to her that turned the birthday celebration to a messy ground.


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