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Monthly Salary For TSC Secondary School Intern Teachers 2023, Requirements


Teachers Service Commission,TSC is operating in a bid to ensuring learners are effectively attended to by deploying more teachers in schools.



Due to changes made in education sector, teachers service commission had hired Junior Secondary School Teachers to attend grade 7, grade 6 and grade 7.



However, TSC has advertised 130 permanent and Pensionable teaching vacancies for unfilled positions in secondary schools across the country.



Among the advertised TSC teaching vacancies are 450 interns as TSC calls for interested applicants to submit application.






According to TSC, Secondary School Intern Teachers will get a monthly stipend of KSHS 20,000 subject to statutory deductions where applicable.




In a statement, TSC stated that it’s not a remunerative engagement, but intern Teachers attached to secondary schools will be eligible for a monthly salary of Kshs 20,000.




“This is not a remunerative engagement. However, teacher interns attached to secondary schools will be eligible for a monthly stipend of Kshs. 20,000/-. The stipend will be paid subject to statutory deductions, where applicable,” TSC stated in a statement



However, new recruited intern Teachers will be required to send bank plate to Teachers Service Commission to be absorbed in the commission’s payment system

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