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Nation Media Vehicle Stoned by Raila Odinga’s Protesters as Demonstration Intensify


The running battle between Azimio La Umoja’s protesters and Police has taken a different shape as angry police encounter the protesters in Nairobi.



Defiant Azimio La Umoja’s chief Opposition Leader Raila Odinga declared the protest to statehouse following the economic criss that has beefed up the cost of living.



In Kibra Nairobi, Nation Media Vehicle was Stonned by Raila Protesters breaking the windscreen.



The vehicle which was parked along the road side was hit by Angry Raila Odinga’s protesters in Kibra.



The standoff between police and youths started at 8.00am in the morning.



The police were seen patrolling the Olympic area as residents kept on gathering in twos alongside the road.



Many shops remain closed in Kibra as residents participate in chaos.



In an interview with Azimio TV yesterday, Raila Odinga said that they shall converge at Nairobi city and begin the journey to state house to reclaim their victory, citing that it’s the time to liberate the Nation.



“We shall converge at the Nairobi city centre and begin the journey to State House to reclaim our victory. The time to liberate our nation is now,” Mr Odinga declared



Security has been beefed up in the streets of Nairobi as police battle with Protesters.

However, some Azimio La Umoja leaders have been arrested for allegedly leading the protests.


Kilifi senator Stewart Madzayo was among of the Azimio Leader arrested for taking part in Azimio Protest.

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