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New Allowance for Teachers as SRC Raises Teachers’ Salary

The Salaries and Renumeration Commission  (SRC) has recently implemented significant adjustments to the Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA), also known as the travel allowance, for civil servants, including teachers across the nation, particularly for local travel purposes.

The primary aim of these revised rates is to provide fair compensation for the expenses incurred during official travel. This initiative, detailed in a circular dated August 7, 2023, and personally signed by SRC President Lyn Mengich, applies to urban centers, district capitals, and many other cities.


Let’s examine the specific changes in different teacher rating categories:


1. Teacher Level B5, C1

For educators in grades B5 (elementary school teacher II) and C1 (secondary school teacher III, lecturer III, elementary school teacher I), the updated daily living allowance has been set at 6,300 Ksh.


2. Teachers at Levels C2, C3, C4, C5

Teachers in categories C2 (secondary teacher II, SNE II-elementary teacher, lecturer II, senior teacher II), C3 (secondary teacher I, lecturer I, SNE I-elementary teacher, SNE II-high school teacher, senior teacher I), C4 (Instructor IV, Lecturer IV, SNE Senior Teacher – Primary, SNE Teacher I – Secondary, Deputy Director II), and C5 (Senior Master III, Lecturer III, Director, Deputy Director I, Program Support Director II) currently receive a daily living allowance of Ksh 11,200.


3. Teachers at Levels D1, D2, D3, D4, D5

Higher-level educators, including those in levels D1 (Master II, Principal III, Principal, Senior Instructor II, Program Support Officer I), D2 (Senior Principal II, Senior I, Senior Lecturer I), D3 (Director, Deputy Director I), D4 (Senior Director), and D5 (Director), will now benefit from an increased daily living allowance of Ksh 14,000.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the SRC circular clearly states that this update supersedes all previous circulars related to pension benefits, working group allowances, session allowances for organizing committees, internal allowances, and DSA (domestic and international travel) in the public sector.

This comprehensive review aims to establish a fair and transparent remuneration structure for civil servants, thus addressing their work-related travel needs.

Teachers can expect salary increases as a result of these new grants awarded by the SRC.

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