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New TSC Interview Rules as 13, 713 Teachers Faces New TSC Interview Rules


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) introduced watertight systems to ensure fairness in the promotional interviews concluded recently.



In the guidelines that were released by the commission to guide the process, which mostly targeted school administrators to fill 13,713 vacant positions that were advertised in January 2023, the interviewing panels consisted of three members, each assigned questioning areas.



All the three panel members were then required to give their individual scores for each question asked as responded to by individual candidates.



The total score for each member of the panel was then required to be recorded in the individual score sheet, with each panel member signing on the individual score sheet on which they had entered the marks.



The final score for each candidate was the average mark derived from each panel member’s individual score. The average score was then entered in the average score sheet where all the 3 panel members were required to sign on the average score sheet.



The remarks column was only required to be filled only when it is necessary; for instance when a candidate is absent, has not been interviewed, or is a special needs person.


Thereafter, the interview results were required to be submitted in soft copy on a daily basis for each candidate (advert-by-advert) to TSC staffing director, with the commission directing that the Folio Numbers for the candidate to mandatorily remain as given in original list.

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