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New TSC Monthly Salary For Internship Junior Secondary School Teachers 2023


Teachers Service Commission, TSC hired 31,550Junior Secondary School Teachers to attend Grade 7 Leaners .


Among the 31,550 employed junior Secondary teachers, 21,550 were hired on internship terms.



However, the government is set to hire more teachers in a bid of bridging the gap of shortage of teachers in Junior Secondary.



However, a major concern has developed on how much intern Junior Secondary Teacher will be pocketing every month.



According to the New payment structure of Teachers Service Commission, Intern Junior Secondary Teacher will be paid a monthly salary of Sh 20,000.



The pay is similar to Intern Senior Secondary Teachers where the amount shot from the initial pay of Sh 15,000 to Sh 20,000



The amount is total gross salary for Internship Junior Secondary Teachers before relevant deductions are made.



The pay will be effective after the first working month as per payment rules of Teachers Service Commission

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