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P1 Headteacher Cannot Supervise University Graduate in Junior Secondary School, Complaints Intensify


The Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association (KEPSHA) misled the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms (PWPER) to decide to domicile Junior Secondary Schools (JSSs) in primary school, knowing very well they are not school principals by job designation.


They have discovered that professionals are raising the red flag; and now they want name change so that they continue to manage the schools.



This means pushing up their grades to Principal (D3). It will be unfair labour practice as they will once again, like in the 2017 CBA, trample over graduate teachers.



How do P1 teachers become supervisors over graduate teachers? Majority of the JSS in public schools only have a single TSC teacher so far. The primary head teacher and most of his staff cannot handle a single subject there.



The TSC is currently recruiting primary school teachers with degrees for deployment to JSS but there are already HR conflicts in many centres.


The graduates are protesting being led by form four ‘failures’ who opted for P1 when those who passed KCSE proceeded to university.

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