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P1 Teachers to Teach Grade 7 in Junior Secondary as New Recruited Teachers Delay to Report


Teachers Service Commission is operating in a bid of controlling the shortage of teachers in Junior Secondary as Leaners Join School.


The commission hired 30,550 teachers to teach junior Secondary where 9000 are on permanent and Pensionable terms while 21,550 are on internship.



As Grade 7 Leaners join Junior Secondary School, Teachers Service Commission is in dilemma to deal with the shortage of teachers.




It’s an indication that in the new hired 30,550, each teach will handle one class of grade 7 and there’s a case where a school may have more than one stream.



According to the sources close to Chipuko Digital, Teachers Service Commission now want P1 Teachers to Teach Junior Secondary School as reporting of Newly hired Junior Secondary Teachers delay.




Still, TSC is working on employment exercise of the new teachers as the process may take long than expected. The government is as well struggling in dealing with inadequate structure in junior Secondary.




However, Teachers Service Commission Said that only teachers with Diploma and Degree qualification will teach Junior Secondary School. P1 Teachers with above qualification will teach Grade 7.



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