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PHOTO: DCI Detectives Arrested The Owner of The House Where Mutilated Body of Primary Teacher Was Found in Egesieri, Nyamira 


Directorate of Criminal Investigation, DCI detectives have arrested the owner of the house where mutilated body of Primary Teacher Ezekiel Gitangwa was found.




Mr Ezekiel Gitangwa who went missing was found dead, mutilated body found in the house of Nyamaiya Health Center-based Nurse Agnetta Agwata at Egesieri Village in Nyamira County.





It’s reportedly that Mr Ezekiel Gitangwa was last seen alive when he was dropped by BodaBoda at Egesieri Village some few days ago.





However, when DCI detectives were Carrying on operation in the suspected Nurse’s compound where mutilated body was found, the nurse went missing after refusing to open the room used for keeping poultry animals.

PHOTO; Late Mr Ezekiel Gitangwa who was found dead at Nurse’s house in Egesieri Village, Nyamira County



However, DCI Detectives on Monday 2 January 2023 arrested Nurse Agnetta Agwata in Nakuru in her bid to flee.




Nurse Agnetta Agwata is the owner of the house in Egesieri where the mutilated body of Primary Teacher Ezekiel Gitangwa was found.





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