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SAD! Pupils Forced To Sit on Floor in Classroom Due to Desk Deficit

The challenge of inadequate structures in schools has been a major challenge in the country as the government operate in a bid of boosting education sector.



Pupils are forced to sit on floor in classroom at Ifuta Primary, Senenga District in Western Province of Zambia while attending lessons.



The school has about 600 pupils who attends class everyday with a deficit of 100 classroom desks.



According to tschool Headteacher Situmbeko Lyamba who spoke to ZNBC News, the school has been having a challenge of shortage of desks, hoping that the challenge will be sorted by well-wishers.



Ms Lyamba said that she’s very optimistic that the school will get desks from Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to work out the challenge of desk inadequacy.



Zita Sipalo, the Senenga District Commissioner said that he will engage the relevant authorities and education stakeholders to ensure that the school get enough desks for Leaners.




Sipalo further noted to engage the area Member of Parliament to work out on challenges facing the school including the deficit of desks.

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