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Salaries and Allowances for Teachers Promoted to Job Group C2- C5

Salaries and Allowances for Teachers Promoted to Job Group C2- C5

Teachers’ remuneration is facilitated through the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and encompasses both Basic Salary and various Allowances. The allowances provided depend on the nature of the teacher’s work. These allowances include:

i) Commuter Allowance: This allowance is paid to all teachers and varies based on their grade.

ii) Disability Guide Allowance: Designed for teachers working in special schools, this allowance aims to support those with disabilities.

iii) Leave Allowance: All teachers are entitled to this allowance to cover expenses during leave periods.

iv) House Allowance: This allowance is provided to all teachers and varies depending on the grade and location, ranging from major cities to other former minor municipalities.

v) Hardship Allowance: Teachers working in hardship areas receive this allowance to compensate for the challenges they face.

vi) Medical Benefits: All teachers are entitled to medical benefits.

vii) Transfer Allowance: This allowance is payable to teachers when they are transferred, calculated at a rate of one month’s Basic Salary, subject to specific regulations.

The Basic Salary is categorized into different grades (C2, C3, C4, C5) with corresponding TSC Scales, Basic Pay (Minimum and Maximum), and the number of notches indicating annual increments in the job group.

Commensurate with Grade, Commuter Allowance varies from 5,000 to 8,000, while

Disability Guide Allowance remains consistent at 20,000 across grades.

Leave Allowance is a flat 6,000 for all grades, reflecting the annual entitlement for teachers.

House Allowance exhibits variability based on the grade and location, ranging from Hse1 in Nairobi to Hse4 in all other areas.

Hardship Allowance also differs across grades, ranging from 10,900 to 17,100.

In summary, the comprehensive structure of teachers’ remuneration includes various allowances, each tailored to specific aspects of their roles, in addition to the fundamental Basic Salary.

Salaries And Allowances for Teachers Promoted by TSC C2-C5

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