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Salaries and Remuneration Commission Reveals The New Salary For ECDE Teachers, Dismissing Media Report


Salaries Remuneration Commission (SRC) had indicated the new salary for Early Childhood Development Education, ECDE teachers dismissing media report.



This comes following the media report of SRC’s plan to cut off almost half pay of ECDE Teachers in the new salary review by Salaries Remuneration Commission.


In a statement on Tuesday, Salaries and Remuneration Commission noted that the media report was distorting, indicating that it’s authors used basic pay instead of gross salary to calculate what ECDE teachers will be taking home if salary changes are implemented.


SRC dismissed media report indicating that Early Childhood Development Education, ECDE teachers cannot earn lower salaries then the minimum wage.


In a statement by SRC, the commission is set to review Remuneration of all public officers.


SRC refuted the Released misleading report, noting that the report based on basic salary Instead of gross salary.



SRC clarifies that in December 2021, a gross Remuneration for the lowest carde of ECDE teachers based in Nairobi with Cluster 1 are receiving between Ksh 14, 961 and Ksh 15, 842.



Those with Cluster 4 in other areas are receiving between Ksh 13, 211 and Ksh 14, 092.



“The reports were based on basic salary instead of the gross salary, and thus, misleading. SRC hereby clarifies that in December 2021, it advised a gross remuneration for the lowest cadre of ECDE teachers based in Nairobi (Cluster 1) receiving between Ksh. 14,961 and Ksh. 15,842, while those in Cluster 4 (other areas) receiving between Ksh.13,211 and Ksh.14,092,” read the SRC statement.



Salaries Remuneration Commission said that it’s currently reviewing the salaries of all public officers including ECDE teachers where the report under the third Remuneration review cycle will be issued by jun 2023.



“In line with our mandate of setting, reviewing and advising on the remuneration and benefits in the public service, SRC will continue to engage and respond to stakeholders on the matter, as appropriate,” said SRC.

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