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SHOCKER: Dead Body of a Woman Found on Roadside at Bondeni, Nyamira County

Residents of Bondeni village, West Mugirango constituency in Nyamira County woke up in disbelief after they found a dead body of a woman on the roadside on Thursday, 8 December 2022.




The body of the woman was badly mutilated as the eyes were gorged out with several acid burns.



Confirming the incident, the area sub-chief Mosinya Mokua said that she was informed about the incident by the village elder where she immediately rushed to the scene. Mrs Mosinya Makori confirmed the state state of the dead body that left many people in disbelief.



“The body is badly mutilated, the eyes gorged out with several acid burns. However we have not identified the person,” area sub-chief Mosinya Mokua said


The crime cases in Nyamira South sub-county has risen in few days, leaving residents in disbelief.


Few days ago, a young man was found death in the house at Nyabite market, Nyamira town. Residents told Chipuko Digital that the man found dead had wrangles with his colleagues when playing a pool game at Nyabite market center.



Another woman at Nyabite market, Nyamira town had been Reportedly took her life in a disbelief manner where the exact cause for her suicidal action has not yet established.




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