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Tension High in Embu as Two Middle-aged Men Attacked by Swarm of Bees For Stealing Cows 

Crime cases across the country has been on shoot following the tough economic crisis.


Kenyans are struggling in a bid to cope with the existing economic crisis that has steered the shoot in cost of living.


However, There was drama at Makutano town in Embu County after two middle-aged men who had stolen cows in the neighbourhood were attacked by a swarm of bees.

It’s reportedly that the two gentleman stole cows in the neighborhood and went missing.


Later on the two handed themselves over to the police together with the two cows they had stolen.

The two were attacked by a swarm of bees as they were stranded outside police station seeking for help.


It has been reported that the police called the owner of the stolen cows to rule out the fate.


Theft cases across the country has taken it’s upsurge as the government called upon to intervene by according maximum security.


This comes as several theft cases in Churches being reported, a move that has created tension in churches across the country.


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