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Top 10 Most Marketable Degree Courses in 2023


Most students face a major challenge in selection of course in university level after they have exemplary passed in secondary level.


However, students should take their time in identification of marketable courses that will help to get a job in different areas of their career.

Below are most marketable degree courses to pursue;

1. Bachelor of Science in Vision and Optometry


2. Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Sports Science.


3.Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Conservation.


4. Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and Biotechnology.


5.Bachelor of Science Renewable Energy and Biofuel Technology.


6.Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.


7.Bachelor’s Degree Mechanical Engineering.


8Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry.


9.Bachelor of Building and Civil Engineering.


10.Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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