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Top Leading Writing Site in Kenya That Sends Money to M-pesa and Bank Account You Should Join Now

The cost of living in the country has sparked mixed Reactions among Kenyans are they operate in a bid of raising the daily bread.

The sinking economy that has ignited high cost of living has left many Kenyans in a tough situation as they wrestle to curb the existing tough economic situation.

However, it’s high time for talented writers to up their talents and turn the writing skill into an earning.

It’s crucial to note that any person can actually write something of his or her choice within the interested and specified area.

In Kenya, writers are enjoying the renowned writing platform that sends monthly revenue to M-pesa account and bank account as well. You might be eager to know the kind of writing site, but here were are.

Opera News hub is the top writing site in Kenya that has created employment opportunities among unemployed talented youths and other skilled writers. The platform Publishes news of different categories to reach millions of readers across the globe.

It’s crucial to note that joining opera News hub is simple as you only need to follow the simple steps. For account opening, one as to follow the following steps;

1. Sign up with your email address

2. Enter the username

3. Enter the name of your account channel with the photo.

4. Phone Number

5. Account Details e.g choose the method of payment by either inserting M-pesa Phone number or Bank Account Number.

6. KRA Pin Number

To Join Opera News Hub Click Here

After successfully inserting the required details, you submit for account approval. It usually takes within 24 hours for account approval.

Once your account has been approved, it’s high time to start submitting articles basing on your preferred Field, e.g politics, sports, education, entertainment, Relationship, celebrities etc.

However, before submitting an article, make sure you have undergone the publication rules and regulations of Opera new hub to avoid making errors as it leads to rejection of an article.

Once article has been published by Opera News hub editors, it will commence to display it’s performance. The performance of the article is based on its quality and relevance to the readers.

The monthly payment threshold for Opera News hub is Ksh 1000 and above. Payment is made between date 20 to 31,  the last week of the following Month.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope you found it beneficial.

Kindly comment below on your views about this article and any further information about Opera News Hub, we will be pleased to link you up.

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