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TSC Announces The Criteria To Be Used in Promotion of Teachers 2023 in Primary and Secondary School


Teachers Service Commission, TSC has announced new recruitment vacancies for both primary and secondary school.




The commission cancelled the previous advertisement last week following the complaints by educators on discrimination in the promotion process.




According to Secretary General of Kenya Union of Post-primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Akello Misori, Teachers who are in group C2 to C3 will be automatically promoted.




“We demand that all teachers in Job Groups C2 to C3 be promoted automatically after three years of service. We demand that no cadre be left in promotion advertisements for as long as it is currently the case,” Misori said.




Most of the teachers in group C2 to C3 ate in primary school.



However, teachers who have served in the capacity of Senior Teacher, Deputy Principal and principals will be automatically promoted according to Teachers Service Commission.



The Chief Executive Officer of Teachers Service Commission, Nancy Macharia said that the promotion of teachers for both primary and secondary school will be based on the career progression Guideline.




Those teachers who have served for long in the career will receive promotion.




Akello Misori expressed the concern of stagnant Principal in job group D3 who are serving in sub-county level that should be promoted.

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