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TSC Barred From Employing New Teachers in the New Proposal

In the new education proposal, Teachers Service Commission will no longer appoint teachers as it will lose its power.

However, the proposal will vary based on the final version of the new proposal in education sector.

Teachers service commission has been responsible in appointment of new teachers in a bid of boosting the education sector. However, in the new educational proposal, Teachers Service Commission has been barred from recruiting new teachers as the responsibility will be shifted to the ministry of education.

Among the other new proposal intends to lose TSC’s power include;

Budget Control
Quality Assurance and Standards functions.

Regulatory Powers.

Licencing Renewals.

Professional Development.

Advisory Role.

Teachers Discipline.

Teachers Registration

Teachers service commission will lose the above mentioned powers in the commission as the powers proposed to be transferred to other areas.

However, the proposals might vary based on the final version of the proposal that is expected to be out soon.

The ministry of education intends to initiate major education reforms in a bid of improving the education sector in the country.

Speaking, the ministry of education Ezekiel Machogu said that Kenya Kwanza government will prioritized the education sector in the country as it aims to improve the education sector by incorporating the education stakeholders to initiate better education reforms.

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