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TSC Breaks Silence on Delay of Posting P&P and Intern Junior Secondary Teachers


In the first week of school opening for Junior Secondary Leaners, teachers have not shown up in school as Teachers Service Commission delay posting of newly recruited Junior Secondary Teachers.




More than 50 percent of children in junior Secondary in Nyanza and Western regions have been enrolled. Other areas in the country, the children have not been taught despite of reporting school in the first week.




Nelson Sifuna, director of education in western said that Nyanza response of reporting of Junior Secondary Leaners has been very good as 60% have reported in Kisii.



“In Nyanza the response has been very good, as you can see we are in Kisii this morning and we are at 60%,” said Nelson Sifuna, a director of education in Western says.



However, Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has issued the decry for a long wait of teachers as junior Secondary Leaners are unattended in the whole first week of reporting.



Speaking, The Executive Secretary of KNUT in Kisumu, David Obuon said that Junior Secondary Leaners have not Learnt despite of them looking good in new school uniform.



“Right now they are looking very smart in their uniforms they are very happy, but if you ask them what they have learned they will tell you it is nothing,” says David Obuon, Executive Secretary, KNUT, Kisumu.



However, Teachers Service Commission officials have expressed the concern on delay of Newly Recruited Permanent and Internship Junior Secondary Teachers, assuring to end the deployment exercise in time.

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