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TSC Circular Clarifying the Replacement of Teachers Per County in September


Teachers service commission is set to replace tutors who have left service as details indicates. Teachers who have left service will now be replaced by new teachers in a bid of stimulating education.


Teachers Service will issue a notice on replacement of teachers as measures has been set in place to recruit teachers in senior secondary to replace teachers who have left service.


Speaking, Teachers Service Commission has refuted rumours circulating on the ongoing replacement of teachers, indicating that the commission will announce through its portal once Recruitment is open.


TSC Replacement of Teachers Per County


Teachers service commission (TSC) will issue the list of teachers required in the respective counties and the school with subject combination, the qualified applicants will make an application on the basis of subject combination.

TSC will narrow it down to sub-county level, indicating the schools and subject combination to be replaced.

Recruitment of Teachers in September


In recruiting teachers who will replace tutors who have left service, Teachers Service Commission has indicated that the exercise will be free and fair, sending a stern warning concerning fraudulence, warning individuals from getting messages of individuals purporting to issue TSC letters by giving out money.

TSC said that recruitment will be free of charge, discouraging manual application as all application is done online 5 TSC online portal


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