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TSC Directs All Primary Teachers With The Following Qualifications to Apply for Junior Secondary School


Teachers Service Commission had directed all primary school teachers with Diploma and Degree in education to apply for Junior Secondary.


Teachers Service Commission employed 30,550 Junior Secondary Teachers to attend Grade 7 Leaners who have already enrolled in Junior Secondary.


The commission admitted on the shortage of Teachers in Junior Secondary as they have not received funds from the government to hire more teachers.


Among the newly recruited 30,550 junior Secondary teachers, 9000 were on permanent and Pensionable basis while 21,550 were on internship program.


Speaking in Naivasha, Teachers Service Commission Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia said that already Junior Secondary Leaners are set in class ready for learning.


Macharia said that despite of enrolling junior Secondary Leaners, there’s a major concern of shortage of Teachers across the country.


However, Nancy Macharia has advised those P1 Teachers with Diploma and Degree in Teaching Secondary option to send their documents to Teachers Service Commission for consideration to teach Junior Secondary.



Deployment of P1 Teachers comes after the commission said that it lack enough resources to hire more junior Secondary School Teachers after the first patch of employment.



P1 Teachers with qualification to teach Secondary option have been advised to apply for Junior Secondary level via Teachers Service Commission’s online portal.

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