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TSC List of Successful Shortlisted Teachers for Promotion 2023/2024: How to Check TSC Promotion, Link

Teachers Service Commission(TSC) announced for mass promotion of teachers in November that called for qualified teachers to send their application.

Teachers who applied for promotion were set for interviews to determine their credibility and effectiveness in service delivery.

However, teachers service commission warned the applicants against fraudulent activities, where some individuals purports to work in teachers service commission’s headquarters, spreading lies of selling TSC promotion letters.

Teachers service commission is set to issue the list of successful teachers to be promoted in the year 2023/2024 according to the TSC programme.

Teachers who will be successfully promoted to different levels will have to sign promotion letters before reporting to work. TSC will compile the list before it’s published in teachers service commission’s website.


Salary Increase for Promoted Teachers

Teachers who have been successfully promoted by teachers service commission will recieve salary increment in 2024. The increment will affect the salary pay positively compared to the previous pay.


How to Check for TSC Promotion

Teachers Service Commission will issue a list for qualified promoted teachers in its portal. Once TSC will issue the list, check on TSC portal

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